Synopsis of Available RR Shop Safety Brief Awareness Modules

The following is a synopsis for each module delivered in the Hazardous Material Awareness Training (HMAT) program provided under a grant funded through the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Hazardous Material Instructor Training (HMIT) project. These modules are designed jointly in participation with the carrier, the IAM District Lodge and International Association of Machinists Corporation for Re-Employment and Safety Training (IAM CREST) as an enhancement to training provided to Hazardous Material Workers required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as identified in CFR 49 172 Subpart H.

First Responder Awareness:
This module covers the role of a first responder in the employer's plan and who is considered a first responder

Hazardous Material Regulations Awareness:
In this module, participants learn what regulations apply to the rail industry and where to locate them

Government Agencies (DOL) Awareness:
Identifying government agencies commonly associated with the rail industry and Hazmat situations is the theme of this module.

Hazard Recognition Awareness:
During a spill or release, identifying what hazards are involved are essential. This module covers the resources need to accomplish that task.

Chemical & Physical Properties Awareness:
It is imperative that responders know how a chemical or hazardous material will react. This module covers the basics of chemical compositions and their properties.

Railroad Resources Awareness:
Specific resources used during a hazmat situation are covered in this module.

Toxicology Awareness:
This module covers the adverse effects of chemicals and hazardous materials on the human body.

DOT Railroad Security Awareness:
This module will cover the fundamentals pertaining to rail car security. Everything from vandalism to terrorist threats are discussed.

Teaching Techniques Awareness:
This module prepares participants to become effective presenters of developed safety program materials.